Town Council's response to Kentish Express regarding floral tributes on Memorial Benches

25th Oct 2018

"We are aware that the placing of floral tributes on public benches is a hugely sensitive issue and that, whatever we decide, there will be people who are upset. We understand their concerns.

"We are faced with three issues in the case of flowers attached to memorial benches.

"First, it is the responsibility of Tenterden Town Council's grounds staff to maintain benches after they have been donated, ensure that any damage is repaired, and that they are safe for the public to use.

"Secondly, although all benches are for general public use, experience shows that people are hesitant to use those with a floral tribute attached.

"Thirdly - and we acknowledge that this is the area of greatest sensitivity - we believe that flowers which are past their best should be removed after a week. This is particularly important as most of the benches are in prominent positions in the Town.

"The question of private tributes on Tenterden's public benches will be revisited at the next Town Council meeting on Monday, 12 November."