Council Reinforces Objections to Westwell Court and Tilden Gill

22nd Jan 2019

On Monday, 14 January, Tenterden Town Council reiterated its opposition to two proposed major housing developments.


The Council authorised a strongly-worded letter to be sent to Ashford Borough Council's planning department stressing a series of objections to the proposed development of a 56-bed care home with 23 units for assisted living at Westwell Court.


The letter highlights that......


  • The developers' transport statement "contains inaccuracies, omissions, outdated information and flawed analysis, and conclusions that render reliance on it potentially unsafe, and at times, misleading".
  • The significant increase in traffic, including delivery vehicles, lack of safe access, additional pressure on parking in the town., and  associated problems of road congestion and air pollution.
  • The developers' plans had failed to meet the stated policy that specialist housing "would (have) no significant impact on the amenities of any neighbouring residential occupiers", and
  • "The depth of local opposition to the development (explaining) why residents have registered their objections in such numbers"


The meeting also discussed issues surrounding the proposed Tilden Gill development for 100 new homes.


While it was stressed that there was no desire to reduce the number of affordable homes in the town, the units proposed by developers Redrow were sited too close to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and were designed as a three-storey block, rather than two, in line with developments elsewhere in the town.


The meeting also agreed that a proposed buffer strip around the entire development was inadequate.