Tributes on Memorial Benches

19th Feb 2019

Further to the increased press coverage regarding the Town Council's decision to increase the allowance for floral tributes on memorial benches to twice per year, we have the following statement.


"First and foremost, we entirely recognise that the placing of flowers on memorial benches is a highly sensitive issue, which is why we reconsidered our original decision.

The benches have all been donated to the town, for use by the public. We are responsible for their installation and upkeep, but we know that many people feel uncomfortable sitting on a bench which has flowers attached.  There are also cases where floral tributes are left for long periods to wither and eventually die.

As a result, we have agreed that in future, flowers can be attached to benches twice a year, on the anniversary of the birth and death of the loved one, and we have been heartened with the comments we have received from local residents supporting our policy."