New Tenterden Budget to Help Improve Services, Care for the Environment and Maximise Economic Potential

12th Mar 2019

Tenterden Town Council has voted for an increased annual precept (budget) to help fund major town projects, improve services, protect the environment and employ a new Town Manager.


The precept for 2019/20 is £571,964, an increase of £158,050 over the previous year, equating to an additional 27p per week per Tenterden resident.


The major investments are....


  • £35,000 in extra staffing costs, including £20,000 on a new Town Manager who will be charged with implementing the recently-commissioned Tourist Destination Management Plan - together with Ashford, the Tenterden area receives 4.3 million day and overnight visits a year, worth £278 million to the local economy.


  • £30,000 towards the major projects identified by local people – including a re-ordering the Recreation Ground, restoration of the Town Hall and greater use of public halls - plus an additional £10,000 in fees for associated architects, surveyors and consultants.


  • £20,000 towards employing a new youth worker.


  • £20,000 for updating IT equipment, including providing councillors with tablets, saving significantly on purchasing paper and improving the Town Hall's environmental footprint.


  • £11,000 on establishing a Selective Neighbourhood Plan (NHP) which would give the town's valuable green spaces legal protection against applications from developers.


Says Mayor Cllr Pam Smith "Tenterden is a rapidly growing town, and the additional budget will enable us to improve services, care for our environment, and maximise the economic and tourism potential which is just waiting to be unlocked."


A detailed copy of the precept can be found here.