Tenterden Festival and Civil Society Proposals to be Considered by Town Council

10th Apr 2019

Plans to significantly boost the town's cultural and social activities, including a three-week Tenterden Festival this summer, were presented to Monday night's (8th April) meeting of the Town Council's external committee.


A provisional programme of activities for the Festival, running from 21 June to 14 July, were submitted by the organisers, including theatrical presentations at the Barn Theatre, Smallhythe Place, art exhibitions, musical performances and lectures.


The committee agreed to consider the plans, but deferred consideration of any potential financial involvement, which will be decided by the new Town Council following local next month's local elections.


The council has already agreed to back 'Spirit of Tenterden', the three-day food, drink and music event to be held on the Recreation Ground, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 5-7 July


The committee also heard from local members of Civil Society, which recommended delivering community cultural and sporting festivals as part of a strategy built on communication, collaboration, compassion, concerted effort and goodwill.


A key element of Civil Society's presentation was that joining organisations together, and creating cohesion, improves the chances of securing funding