Planning Committee Seeks Limes Land Legal Challenge

4th Sep 2019

Tenterden Town Council’s planning committee voted on Monday night to spend up to £3,000 on legal advice before deciding whether to challenge Ashford Borough Council’s (ABC) decision to allow Wates’ planning application to build 250 homes at Limes Land to proceed without an Environmental Impact Assessment

The committee expressed surprise and disappointment at ABC’s decision not to insist on the environmental report, and put forward a recommendation to next Monday’s (9 September) full Town Council meeting to pay for the legal advice.

Tenterden Town Council has been consistent in its opposition to the proposed Waites development, which would add to the 500 new houses already being built in the town.

The council’s position has been supported by the Neighbourhood Plan steering committee. In a letter to the council, committee member Richard Masefield pointed out that the Limes Land site is bounded by an officially-designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Tenterden Conservation Area and ancient woodland.


He added that the proposed development would have a significant effect upon the environment; that the land was of historic and cultural importance, and that an Environmental Impact Assessment in advance of any planning application was “entirely justified”.