Progress on Wildflower Verges and Wildlife Habitat

12th Sep 2019

Plans to create wildflower verges in the town and a scheme to create a wildlife habitat at Kiln Field were approved by Tenterden Town Council at their meeting on Monday, 9th September.

Kent County Council have given approval for verges in Appledore Road, Chalk Avenue and St Michaels to be designated as areas encouraging the natural growth of wildflowers and grasses, part of Tenterden’s continuing drive to make the town as ecologically and environmentally friendly as possible.    

The council has already voted a budget of £5,000 to help create a wildlife habitat at Kiln Field and an additional £6,250 was agreed. Work has already begun to provide a beautiful, sustainable and accessible natural resource for the whole community.

The council's maintenance team are working with volunteers on an action plan provided by Kent Wildlife Trust (KWT),

The grass is being left uncut to see what plants grow through the seasons, while the focus has now turned to the pond, which will be drained and willow trees felled and stacked  to become ‘bug hotels’.

Kiln Field was formerly managed by Ashford Borough Council and is the first site for a nature habitat in Tenterden, with plans also being put forward for a similar scheme at the disused Coombe Lane cemetery.