‘Our Tenterden’ Briefs Town Council On Survey Results

15th Sep 2020

Tenterden Town Council was briefed last night (Monday, 14 September) on the results of a town-wide survey conducted by Our Tenterden Business Team, a platform for local businesses to discuss issues posed by the pandemic.


James Fuller, leader of the group, highlighted key results of the survey, compiled from 776 responses and which included…


  • A greater social media presence, reassuring the community of safety measures and ongoing events in the town.
  • More variety in the High Street, although it was accepted that this was not an immediate ‘fix’.
  • Consider widening of pathways.
  • A combined initiative for all parties to work together on plans for sustained growth and survival.
  • More green initiatives to encourage cycling and walking – 61 percent of respondents to the survey said that walking was their preferred way of visiting the town centre.
  • Explore more market stall events, and
  • More events for the local community.


The report was received positively, and Cllr Mike Carter said that it would be valuable input for the council’s new Town Centre and Tourism Co-ordinator Keli Nolan-Lyons, and the next council-run High Street Regeneration Committee meeting.


However, it was important that Tenterden shopkeepers understood what decisions could be made by the Town Council, and what would have to be made at a higher local authority level – for instance, widening of pavements would be a matter for Kent County Council’s highways division.