New PCSO Urges Residents to Report Crime

16th Mar 2018

Tenterden’s new PCSO, Kate Richards, requested that residents concerned about crime in the town to use the Kent Police website:


Presenting her report to the Town Council meeting on Monday (12 March), PCSO Richards said that filing reports on the website was more effective than posting comments on Facebook, or telephoning 101 which often experienced long waiting times. She added that 999 should only be dialed by people actually witnessing a crime being committed.


PCSO Richards said that it was important that all crime was reported to the police so that they had an accurate picture on which to target resources.

While the incidence of crime in the town remains low, the Town Council is seeking a meeting with Ashford police to review recent incidents of vandalism.


PCSO Richards also reported that she will be accompanied by a new trainee PCSO over the next eight weeks, who will subsequently provide an extra resource for the Town.