Community Transport - Keeping Tenterden on the Move

16th Apr 2018

Tenterden Town Council, in conjunction with Tenterden Social Hub (formerly the Day Centre) and Ashford Volunteers, have recently conducted online and street surveys in the town and surrounding villages to evaluate the need for improved local transport.


This was as the result of the news earlier this year that local bus services could be under threat following KCC proposals to withdraw subsidies to some bus services in Kent.


Tenterden Town Council has moved swiftly to identify potential solutions, ensuring that essential transport services are preserved and even improved.


The results of the new surveys have resulted in an approach being made to KCC to fund a potential community bus, which has provisionally been dubbed the 'Tenterden Hoppa'. This would be hosted and run by the Tenterden Social Hub, and augment their current mini bus fleet. Details of the scheme have yet to be agreed.

Says Tenterden Town Councillor Ken Mulholland: "Cutbacks in traditional bus services in the area impact greatly on all of us, but especially the elderly, infirm, disabled and folk living in remote rural areas.


"We also envisage that the car transport services offered by Ashford Volunteers to Tenterden and its environs will be enhanced and made more available. To do this the organisation needs more volunteer drivers from the town to enlist." 

At the next 'Meet the Councillors' Open Day in the Town Hall on Saturday, 16 June, there will be a community transport section where residents can discuss the options available, and both the Social Hub and Ashford Volunteers will be in attendance.