Wates Ask For Time To Answer Critcisms

21st Sep 2018

Property developers Wates have asked for time to respond to mounting criticism of their proposals to build new homes on land bounded by Appledore Road and Woodchurch Road, Tenterden.


In a letter to Town Clerk Phil Burgess sent immediately before last week's (Monday 10 September) Tenterden Town Council's planning committee meeting, the developers asked for extra time to answer points raised by the Limes Land Protection Group (LLPG), which is lobbying against the proposed development.


This follows rebuttals from both Tenterden Town Council and LLPG about claims recently made in a Wates leaflet delivered to local householders.


In the letter to the Town Clerk, Wates land and planning manager Rio Jane Daniel asked for "time to properly respond to each of the points raised", .and said their answers would be sent in advance of the next council planning committee on Monday, 8 October.