Cllrs. Edwards, Freeman, Hickmott, Isworth, Dr. Lovelidge (Chair), Nelson and Mrs. Smith.

Subsitutes in the event of members' absence: Cllrs. Carter, Mrs. Curteis and Knowles.

Terms of Reference

Cllrs. Carter, Crawford, Mrs. Curteis, Edwards, Miss. Gardner, Knowles, Dr. Lovelidge, Mulholland, Nelson, Quinton, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Walder.

Terms of Reference

Cllrs. Carter (Chair), Crawford, Mrs. Curteis, Mrs. Ferguson, Miss Gooch, Knowles, Mulholland and Sugden.

Substitues in the event of members' absence:  Cllrs. Hickmott,  Dr. Lovelidge and Nelson.

Terms of Reference

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