Tenterden Regeneration Project

9th August 2017

12th July 2017

28th June 2017

Update 8th August 2017

The recreation ground focus group is unique in that it will require input from a landscape architect before the group can meet. We know from the consultation what facilities need to be incorporated in the recreation ground. An architect has now been engaged and once draft provisional plans have been drawn up, the architects will meet with the focus group to refine those plans and achieve a consensus before progressing the project further.

We hope to be able to advise the first meeting date by late August 2017.

1st August 2017

This Focus Group has been absorbed into the Sports Review.

24th July 2017

12th June 2017

Tenterden Regeneration – the Next Steps - March 2017

We need residents to come forward and take part in the next stage of the process.

Following the comprehensive consultation report from Liptons, the Town Council is keen to maintain impetus and ensure that the projects move forward.

Focus Groups will be set up for the following projects

  • Recreation ground reordering and youth hub
  • Town Hall repairs, possible extension and possible community hub
  • Cinema proposal
  • Outdoor pitches / football hub
  • Community halls and virtual hub

The focus groups will have between 6 and 10 members with 1 or 2 councillors taking part. The remaining members will be selected by the council from the applicants. A broad range of opinions, ages and interests will be sought among focus group members and we would encourage residents to apply.

Our deadline is 30th April - If you would like to be involved in a focus group please contact the Town Council stating your contact details, age, the particular focus group and reason for your interest. townhall@tenterdentowncouncil.gov.uk or Tenterden Town Council, The Town Hall, 24 High Street, Tenterden Kent TN30 6AN.

If you know someone who you feel would be suited to take this role, please encourage them to apply.

At the same time the Council will appoint a design team to work alongside and liaise with the focus groups.

The Public Consultation

Following a competitive tender process, Lipton Group (a trading name of Leslie Lipton Ltd) was hired as an independent consultation specialist to ascertain the communities hopes, dreams and fears for how the Tent1 money should be spent. The original remit was extended as the consultation began as it became clear the community wanted to discuss other things.

Having monitored the process, the council has accepted the attached final report in that they believe it has been professionally and independently created, and does represent the views of the community as collected over three months and through face to face and digital means. The council also accepts the suggestions and recommendations made by the consultants as being logical assumptions that have been tested in front of the community.

However, it should be understood that acceptance of the report does not necessarily imply the council shares all the views or will follow all recommendations. The final decision and responsibility for controlling expenditure remains with the council.

The report’s findings will kick-start a number of exciting projects and inform future priorities for the town.

The Results

New and improved facilities are on the way. The Town Council will spend in excess of £3 million on a range of projects which will play a big role in the town’s regeneration. This will be supplemented by outside grant funding and targeted funds (Section 106) from developers of housing schemes around the town.

The first project to be tackled will be the re-ordering of Tenterden recreation ground and provision of a skate park and additional facilities on the land.

The scope of the report extends to extra projects outside the council’s remit, and therefore information will be shared with the Leisure Centre, St Mildred’s Church and other partners in order to collaborate to maximise additional external grant funding and give a cohesive approach to projects within the town. 

The full report from the Lipton Group and supporting demographic information is available here.

Town Clerk Phil Burgess said: “This is a great opportunity for the Town Council to undertake projects, safe in the knowledge that we have the full support from the local community. Thank you to everyone involved in the process so far for their hard work and effort on behalf of the town. We urge residents to set aside some time to read the report and find out more details about the new and improved facilities that are on the table. There are exciting times ahead for the town.”