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Aldi Supermarket Turned Down, and New Plans for St Michael's Recreation Ground

An approach from retail giant Aldi to build an 1,880 square metre supermarket with 126 parking bays on St Michaels Recreation Ground was unanimously rejected at last night’s (Monday, 8 February) meeting of Tenterden Town Council’s internal committee.


The meeting was told that any other use for the land other than recreation was explicitly prohibited, as it had been granted to the Council in 1935 by Mary Mason of Reigate as a ‘Deed of Gift’ to the town for recreational purposes.


However, it was agreed that the St Michaels Recreation Ground is a valuable, but under-utilised, resource, and the impact of Covid means it is important the council provides facilities to support physical health and mental well-being.


As a result, a working group is being set up to produce ideas for an improved St Michael’s Recreation Ground, such as installing…


  • Adult gym equipment
  • Picnic tables and extra seating
  • A new footpath to avoid visitors having to walk across muddy ground, and
  • Safety matting in the older children’s play area.
  • Planting mature trees for screening around the site.


The working group – St Michaels ward Cllrs Vic Cole, Jean Curteis, Harry Hickmott, Ken Mulholland and Pam Smith, supported by Cllr John Crawford - would submit any proposals to local residents via a survey.