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Climate Action

Climate action

We are living in a global climate and ecological emergency. We are already seeing the impacts of climate change and nature loss here in Kent, with more extreme weather events and significant decreases in wildlife populations. That’s why every action we take now to cut our emissions and work to recover wildlife makes a difference.

We know that not only is it critical to move towards low-carbon living and a better balance with nature, but there is much to be gained from doing so. Everyone can benefit from working together to improve the sustainability and resilience of our shared environment.

What we’re doing

We have a dedicated Climate Action Advisory Group, formed of Councillors and residents who are working hard behind the scenes to deliver the Town Council’s Climate Action Plan Here. The Climate Action Plan is the Council's roadmap to lowering carbon emissions, increasing resilience and becoming more sustainable. We want Tenterden and the people who live and work in it to flourish, by becoming one of the most sustainable places to live, work and play.





The scope of the Climate Action Plan focuses on actions available to Tenterden Town Council, recognising the limits to its functions, powers and resources. You can view the full Climate Action Plan Here.  Take a look at the overview of our short, medium and long-term commitments and how we are progressing Here.

Our current focus

We are developing a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, to improve access in and around Tenterden to support increased active, car-free travel. We’re drawing on in-depth local insights and assessments of the town’s current and anticipated future active travel needs. The finalised plan will enable the Council to bid for funding to deliver the plan, with a phased approach. We’ll need input from residents and businesses in early 2024 and would welcome your views. More details coming soon.

Local collaboration

We know that through collaboration and partnerships, we can achieve more. That’s why we’re working with local experts who are providing us with knowledge and insights. We’ve formed invaluable partnerships with Ashford Borough Council and local community and sustainability groups, including Tenterden Wildlife and Sustainable Tenterden. We’re supporting local initiatives such as the Tenterden Repair Cafe and the  Plastic Free Tenterden Campaign to reduce single-use plastics across our town. We’re looking forward to extending the range of stakeholders we work with and initiatives we support to facilitate progress.

What you can do

We all need to adapt our lifestyles to help mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Every little helps and even small changes can make a big difference. Check out our Green Guides for ideas to get started.

There is a lot of work to do, and the clock is ticking. We welcome new committed members to the Climate Action Advisory Group, who have the capacity and experience to support the delivery of the Climate Action Plan.

We are also keen to hear your ideas and details of projects that are already up and running. To get involved in sharing your ideas and experience, email the Council at or write to the Town Clerk, Tenterden Town Council, Town Hall, 24 High Street, Tenterden, TN30 6AN.

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Wind turbines - Appolinary-Kalashnikova via Unsplash

Woodland - Patrick Fore via Unsplash