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Census 2021


Every household in England and Wales will receive a letter at the start of March which invites them to take part in the census. This letter will have the Royal Coat of Arms at the top and contain a unique access code that enables people to access their questionnaire at Only genuine ONS codes will work on this website. Similarly, the letter will contain telephone numbers for our official contact centre. Please note this number is different for people in England to those in Wales. If someone is unsure whether the letter they have received is genuine, they should contact the ONS via, quoting their reference number (highlighted on the example letter that follows).

The ONS will never text, phone or email individuals unless they have specifically requested it. No one from the census will ever ask for payment.

We would like to share the 'How to help the Public take part in the Census 2021' information pack as we feel that this provides useful information and also highlights what to look out for and further guidance.  We hope that you find this useful.  Please remember, all households are required to respond to the Census by Law.