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Council Disappointed at Limes Land Legal Advice, but Pursues Robust Arguments Against the Application

Tenterden Town Council’s planning committee expressed “disappointment” at its meeting on Monday, 2 March at the legal advice outlining the precise definition of ‘windfall’ development.


This had been sought as the council is currently dealing with applications to build more than 400 new homes in Tenterden, including the 250-home Limes Land application.


The advice was that Ashford Borough Council’s (ABC) Local Plan does not limit the number of houses, or the size of any building site.


ABC’s Local Plan 2030 indicates that up to 1,000 homes can be built under the ‘windfall’ rules right across the borough during the period 2022 to 2030, but the Town Council wanted advice as to what number could apply specifically to a town the size of Tenterden.


Nevertheless, the planning committee welcomed the legal clarification, and reiterated the view that there were numerous and robust arguments opposing the Limes Land application.