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Grass Cutting & other General Town Maintenance to return to Kent County Council/Ashford Borough Council from 1st April 2022

In 2017, the Town Council entered agreements with both Ashford Borough Council (ABC) and Kent County Council (KCC) to undertake grounds maintenance and caretaking duties in the town - including cutting of grass on verges and in St Mildred’s and St Michaels churchyards. By bringing these activities in-house, the intention was to improve the appearance of the town and at the same time bring in sufficient income to the cover costs of doing so.  However, it became apparent over time that the scheme was not cost effective, as ultimately the town council did not receive sufficient income to be able to meet the level of expenditure required. In addition, requirements of the scheme were placing a huge burden on our small team of staff.  It was decided with regret in December 2021, to withdraw from the agreements and return these tasks to ABC and KCC.  This will free up our Maintenance Team to concentrate on other duties, in and around the town.  

From 1st April 2022 grass cutting and other duties will be undertaken by Aspire on behalf of ABC and KCC.  The town council will continue to maintain its own land, which includes Tenterden and St. Michaels Recreation Grounds, East Cross, Kiln Field Nature Reserve, the Millennium Garden and the various flowerbeds in the town.

The Town Council thanks its committed Maintenance Team - Dave, Andy & Roger, for their continued hard work in helping to make our town as lovely as it is.