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Information Regarding Council Tax Payments

Here is up to date information from Ashford Borough Council regarding Council Tax payments.  and click on the council tax and benefits bit.  It says 

If your income has been affected by the recent Coronavirus outbreak, and you are unable to pay your council tax, there are several options: 

This is the official line if people can’t pay. We can move their April 2020 & May 2020 instalments to February 2021 and March 2021 if Tax payers request this, however we are not applying a blanket policy because some people have not been affected financially by the covid-19 outbreak and are still able to pay their bills. If people need us to either reduce their instalments for say 3 months, (and that can be reduced to nil) then they can request this by e or calling 01233 331111. We will be looking at this on a case by case basis but we realise we need to be lenient at the moment. If people are suffering financially they should be encouraged to claim Council Tax Reduction and/ or Exceptional Circumstances Payment

The Welfare Intervention Officers will be happy to talk through residents financial issues and give them advice on what to claim and how to claim it. They can e mail them contact them via the website