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Limes Land Path Plan "A Major Recreational Asset for the Town"

The proposal to officially recognise the heavily used footpath running for almost one-and-a-half kilometres across Limes Land, off the Woodchurch Road and Appledore Road, has been put forward by Kent County Council.


Introducing the footpath scheme to last night’s (4 January) Tenterden Town Council planning committee, chairman Cllr John Crawford applauded the initiative, which he describes as a “major new recreational asset for the town”.


He says: “For generations, Limes Land has been used by families, walkers, joggers and ramblers to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the countryside.


“Since the first lockdown in March, its popularity has increased significantly, and has underlined just how valuable it is in aiding mental and physical wellbeing.”


If no objections are lodged by 28 January, KCC will confirm the proposal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.


Tenterden Town Council will be confirming their support of the additional footpath number AB70.