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Mayor “Overwhelmed and Moved” by Tenterden and St Michaels Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

The Mayor or Tenterden, Cllr Jean Curteis, has said she is “overwhelmed and very moved” by the response of the townspeople to the coronavirus outbreak.


In a message timed to coincide with the Easter weekend, Cllr Curteis said: “I think it’s absolutely marvelous the way people are coming together to help each other.


“The Helping in Tenterden organisation (HIT) is doing a wonderful job in helping with food deliveries and financial support for those residents most in need. It evokes memories of the wartime spirit, so something good has come out of this extremely challenging time.”


Cllr. Curteis, is a key worker in Tenterden and is continuing to work the 4am-7.30am shift at Waitrose, helping to keep the shelves filled.


She added: “Please, please do as the government asks stay in where possible and stay safe.


“It will be the strangest Easter holiday that any of us can ever remember. But it delivers a message of renewal, and the hope we can all look forward to better days ahead.”