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Post-Covid Recovery Plan for the Town Takes Shape

A detailed Town Recovery plan is being formulated as Covid-19 restrictions ease. Ashford Borough Council & Tenterden Town Council are currently negotiating with Kent County Council and on a series of measures, which will include….


  • Social distancing in the High Street, including widening it at ‘pinch points', and a voluntary one-way system to allow for safe queueing and passage.
  • Allowing more restaurants and cafes to have outside tables, and
  • Suspension of some parking bays.


The measures will be co-ordinated with Ashford Borough Council (ABC) which has access to about £116,000 of government funding, of which £40,000 has been allocated to Tenterden.


Disappointment was expressed by councillors at the decision by ABC to increase car parking charges in Tenterden from £1.10 to £1.20 an hour.


They said this was not helpful to the town’s post-pandemic recovery, and Cllr Callum Knowles – who sits on both town and borough councils – agreed to take this up with ABC.