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Proposed Tenterden Christmas Market on 25th to 27th November 2022 – A Statement from the Town Council in light of the social media comments

We, as a Town Council, have no power over who can or cannot hold an event on Tenterden high street; this includes the pavements, parking bays, high street greens and lay-by's. Any organising body (or individuals) can apply to Ashford Borough Council’s Safety Advisory Group (partners include ABC, KCC, Kent Police and Kent Fire & Rescue Service) to hold an event on the high street. SAG’s role is to review the submitted documentation and consult with their partners to ensure the event is being managed legally and safely. The Town Council must always remain impartial to events and focus on the safety aspects as per SAG’s guidelines. However, we are mindful of the impact on businesses of some events and try to ensure the organisers are aware of these issues.

With regard to funding, the Town Council only financially supports local Community Interest Companies (CICs), local charitable organisations and local community organisations; we do not financially support commercial enterprises.