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An ‘ambitious and urgent’ plan has been outlined by Tenterden Town Council’s recently established Climate Change Committee, which has committed to making the town carbon-neutral by 2030.


The committee, made up of town councillors and local residents, has set out a programme for action, including…..


  • Launching a ‘Plastic Free Tenterden’ campaign in 2021.


  • Staging a conference on sustainable transport early in the New Year, and working to achieve more electric vehicle charging points.


  • Installing solar panels on council-owned buildings where possible.


  • Setting up a Youth Climate Change panel, and


  • Organising a local TerraCycle recycling scheme that processes, among other items, coffee pods, foil food pouches and beauty products.


Says Climate Change Committee member Cllr Kate Walder: “These are ambitious targets, but they are urgent.


“We will be engaging with a wide variety of community groups and organisations, including the Neighbourhood Plan Committee, the Tenterden Civil Society, and other towns and parishes.


“There is a lot of work to do, and the clock is ticking.”


Cllr Walder says the committee wants to hear from people with other ideas, and also details of projects which are already up and running. Please contact either Cllr. Walder or the Town Hall on