28th January 2021:  Update from Ivy Court Surgery:  "Following the arrival of our first delivery of the AstraZeneca vaccine, we have been vaccinating our over 80’s every day this week. By the end of this weekend we will have vaccinated the vast majority of our over 80’s (those that we have been able to contact, and who are able to travel to the Surgery). We are planning to start vaccinating our housebound over 80’s next week. With our next delivery date confirmed, we are pre-emptively booking our next cohort of patients which is our over 75’s. As before, there is a large number of patients in this cohort and we ask that you please bear with us while we work through this list."

** For an update from Ivy Court Surgery on Covid Vaccinations, please click here **

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Additional Restrictions Grant (Discretionary) for businesses.  Click here for more information:  /image//Additional Restrictions Grant Information 20.11.20.pdf

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5th January 2021 - latest England lockdown poster

Important Information from Charing Surgery regarding second dose of vaccine

Tenterden stands ready to help as COVID-19 calls rise

More Food and Money “Desperately Needed” to Keep People Safely Fed

Town Hall Banners say 'Thank you'

Important information from HSE for Landlords

List of Shops Currently Delivering

For list of Opening Hours, High Street shops & local businesses

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Call for volunteers

We are asking volunteers to come forward to help their immediate neighbours, as many of you already are. We need to understand what is going on so that no-one is forgotten and everyone is protected and helped. 

There are lots of different roles that need covering but Volunteers should be aged 18 or over.  Some need to be ‘out and about’ but others can volunteer without leaving home.

You may have specific skills or be prepared to assist the community in different ways. If you wish to volunteer in any capacity, please register now so we can be sure those in need are covered. Please telephone the Town Hall on 01580 762271.

Are you in need or know someone who is?

A team of “callback” volunteers has been specifically set up to help those in need. Please contact ‘Helping in Tenterden’ (based at the Social Hub) on 01580 761060.

Useful links: 

Helping in Tenterden 

Tenterden Family Food Bank

Ashford Borough Council advice

Kent County Council 'Kent Together'

Covid Symptom Tracker - Self-report daily